On Mi, 2016-02-24 at 11:58 +0100, Milan Crha wrote:
> it's not a large change, but not a tiny too.
Hm. GSoC is 12 weeks or so. And the intern would probably be completely
unaware of Evolution's codebase.  Do you think that's feasible, still?

> b) a better option would be to add a new Edit->Server Accounts (the
>    wording is awful, I know), where you fill only User name and E-
> Mail
>    (or server domain, if not email), and then the wizard will check
>    what that domain offers based on the SVR records, well-known HTTPs
>    entry points and so on and offers to add all sources it'll find
>    for the user, thus you gen not only Mail, but also Contacts,
>    Calendar, Memos and Tasks, if the server supports it. Furthermore,
>    users will be able to manage which sources should be visible in
>    the UI (offered to other evolution-data-server clients) here, not
>    like it is done currently, where you get all or nothing.
hm. sounds complicated indeed.

How about a separate tool that will then set up your evolution

Could anybody mentor such a project at all?

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