On Fri, 2018-01-19 at 11:33 +0100, Anna Marei wrote:
> Wouldn't this be great?
> Maybe in a way Nylas https://www.nylas.com/nylas-mail/  now
> Mailspring https://getmailspring.com/ does?
> E.g.
> - Single, unified inbox

Honestly, I fail to see the point of that at all.  And - Evolution has
that feature, and has had that feature, for **AGES**.  It's a virtual
folder, no big deal, I could do that a decade ago [and proved, at least
for me, that I do not understand why someone would do that].

> - Snooze messages

I completely miss the point of that.  I can turn a message into a task,
and set a start-date.  If I care even less than doing that...

> - Send later

Send @ [time] would be somewhat useful.  Sounds complicate to implement

> I guess (e-mail) communication has changed over the last decades. So
> why not overhaul Evoultions way of dealing with it?  

The truly useful feature I see in these mail-meets-crm apps is the
automatic displaying the contact info [typically in a right-side pane]
of the "From:" match.  Especially if the notes field is displayed and

It might be fun to try to hack that...  I wonder if simply emiting a d-
bus message when a message is opened would be easy [containing the
"from:"] ...  

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