>       I simply want to change my password in Evolution, but I can't find
> anywhere where it tells me how to do this. Could you point me in the
> right direction please. I gather it has something to do with seahorse
> passwords and keys but although that is installed on the system, I've
> never had to use it.
> I'm running Evolution 3.10.4 on Ubuntu 14.04 with a 
> gnome 1:3.8  +4ubuntu3 desktop. 
>       I can actually get to my mail via a website and could possibly change
> the password there, but I'm assuming that would cause Evolution to be
> out of sync, hence causing me problems.

Evolution can't "change" your password - there's no mechanism for
interacting with the remote service to do so. In fact I suspect that
most mail providers don't even provide a facility for remotely changing

Change your password using your mail provider's normal mechanism (i.e.
through their website), the next time Evolution tries to retrieve the
mail, it will be denied because of a wrong password and you will be
asked to enter the new password (which will then update the copy stored
in the keyring). That's all that's needed.


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