On Wed, 2018-03-07 at 14:23 +0100, Bjørn T Johansen wrote:
> Have a follow up question. I only get the Inbox and not the other
> folders at the same level as Inbox (like Sent, etc). Is that correct
> or should I be able to see the other folders also (i.e. this is not
> subfolders of the inbox)?

yes, it's correct. There's required the parent folder to be able to
traverse the folder structure, where you instruct evolution-ews to use
the Inbox as the parent, thus it doesn't see the sibling folders.

> Since I do not get the Sent folder, I am not able to send/reply to
> emails and have the messages stored in the Sent folder of the shared
> mailbox,

Do you expect two Sent folders? The only way I can think of, according
to your description, is that there will be some Outgoing filter, which
will copy messages to the foreign Sent folder when certain conditions
are met. You'll still be the sender, not the shared mailbox. Unless you
use impersonation. You didn't say so though.

> any way to accomplish this?

As I said earlier, you only need to know the ID of the folder. Let
someone whom can login to the shared mailbox open it in Evolution with
evolution-ews. Then right-click respective folders and pick
"Permissions..." (this works for all kinds, not only mails, thus also
for calendars, books,...) and see at the top the "Folder ID" part. You
can click into it and copy it somewhere (note it's a very long base64-
encoded blob, thus make sure you copy it whole). Then use this Folder
ID in the "Subscribe to folder of other user" dialog, instead of the
Inbox folder (users can write anything there, not only select
predefined values from the combo), then continue as before.

Maybe there's a way to get such folder ID from other clients too, but I
never tried it myself. The folder ID should also come from the EWS
protocol; for example that shown with evolution-mapi doesn't work with
evolution-ews and vice versa.

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