On Fri, 2018-04-13 at 14:35 +0200, sg gs wrote:
> hello out there,
> looking for an exchange client running under debian stretch (and
> possible under windows7/-10), i came across evolution which looks
> promissing to me.
> unfortunately i am running debian stetch with evolution 2.22.
> currently i cannot upgrade to debian buster which contains evolution
> 2.28.
> i am intersted in a backport of 2.28 to debian stretch because i am
> facing some issues in 2.22 which might have vanished in 2.28. is
> there any place where i could find such a backport?
> thanks in advance for your answer
I doubt the Evolution team would be interested in this as it is really
a job for the distribution - I also doubt they would show much interest
either unless 2.22 has serious security flaws.

maybe one way would be to temporarily change your repo to buster, drag
in the new evolution and then change back to stretch, you should
however only do this on a non-production machine, test it first, check
carefully and write down everything it is going to alter (lots of GTK
stuff I'd guess) and _backup_ your data first.

try asking if anyone has done this and can give you pointers over on
the debian user list.

Cheers, Dom.

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