On Mon, 2020-03-23 at 15:21 +0100, John Murrell wrote:
> This worked ok last night but by this morning the error had returned.

okay. I gave this some testing, even with the same ancient version you
use (3.28.5) and I can reproduce the error when using
File->New->Appointment when my environment satisfies one of the two
conditions I mentioned earlier, namely here:

On Mon, 2020-03-23 at 10:52 +0100, Milan Crha via evolution-list wrote:
> The component editor doesn't open all calendars, it opens only the
> one to be used as the target calendar. Is it possible the Birthdays &
> Anniversaries calendar is selected as the default calendar (you can
> see it in its Properties)? Eventually, when in the Calendar view, is
> the Birthdays & Anniversaries calendar selected on the left side, in
> the list of available calendars? Both can be used to determine in
> which calendar start the component editor. The Birthdays &
> Anniversaries calendar is read-only, you may see such information at
> the top when you selected it as the destination calendar.

When I correct it, the Birthdays & Anniversaries calendar is not used
as the calendar to create the event in, it stops claiming the error and
opens the component editor as expected.

With this found, the "invalid object" is not really from the open
itself, it's triggered later, when the caller asks for the default
iCalendar object to be used for the calendar, but the backend returns
NULL (because it is read-only), which is an invalid iCalendar object.


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