Following is a true copy of Windows VP SP3 EXCEL 2010 program where each 
attempt is seen,
    line begins "pSTATE.." and commented out for next attempt.

 NO previous suggestions worked.
Sub TestDIR()

' Macro recorded 04/12/2018 by ROBERT BAER

    pPath = "G:\ANALOG"
    DaTm = Date$ + " " + Time$  'Present date and time example: 04-12-2018 
    Open pPath + "Log.TXT" For Append As #1
    ' DAMN "default" directory "My Documents" is used
    '' This gives "File not found"
'    pState = Shell("DIR *.* > LOOK.DIR", vbNormalFocus)
    '' So..try Command
'    pState = Shell("command  *.* > LOOK.DIR", vbNormalFocus)
    '' This gives "File not found"
        '' So..try
'    pState = Shell("  DIR *.* > LOOK.DIR", vbNormalFocus)
    ' Well, get empty "DOS" screen with zero info and see nothing when type.
    ' Results wind up in DAMN "default" directory "My Documents" where new 
    '  LOOK.DIR contains QUOTE
    'Specified COMMAND search directory bad
    'Too many parameters
    'Microsoft(R) Windows DOS
    '(C)Copyright Microsoft Corp 1990-2001.
    '  UNQUOTE
        ''  So, try a mod..
'    pState = Shell(" < DIR *.* > LOOK.DIR", vbNormalFocus)
    ' Well, get empty "DOS" screen for about 0.5 seconds.
    ' Results wind up in DAMN "default" directory "My Documents" where file
    '  SiteBuilder.DOC got stolen from somewere (foolishly thought was copy
    '  and deleted it and info is now lost).
    ' Repeat attempts gave NO files.
        ''  So, try a different mod..
    pState = Shell("cmd.exe < DIR *.* > LOOK.DIR", vbNormalFocus)
    ' Well, get totally different screen 80 characters by 25 lines
    ' Screen shows QUOTE
    'Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
    '(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.
    'C:\Documents and Settings\Robert Baer\My Documents>
    '  UNQUOTE
    ' And NO files.
    Print #1, DaTm + " to " + vNam

End Sub

  Any USEFUL suggestions?

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