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Subject: [Exchange] Weird Outlook 2016 on vpn does not work


Before I roll back my Office 2016 upgrade I would like to ask if there is a 
workaround or what am I missing.


I had Office 2010 with Exchange 2013 working perfectly inside and out of the 
network including VPN. About a week ago I upgraded office to 2016.

Most of the time when I work remotely I only open outlook (I'm a local domain 
user) and outlook uses my SSO and works fine. However today I had to get on the 
VPN (Meraki) and able to open files, ping dns, do nslookup etc but my outlook 
keeps asking for a pwd and I know the credentials are correct.

I know autodiscover and dns are working perfectly fine. When I connected (from 
same place) to my remote app server to use the app Outlook 2010 I have no 
issues using it on the vpn. I've also ran the Exchange Connectivity Analyzer in 
many different forms and passed with flying colors.

I know Outlook 2016 has changed how they do authentication and we are no longer 
able to manually setup RPC over HTTPS, it does automatically... could there be 
a bug in Outlook 2016 or perhaps a workaround I could do to avoid rolling back 
this upgrade? Am I missing a setting I should've done on my Exchange 2013 

Best regards

Deb Gilbert

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