Try logging out and back in and then deleting.


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This is going to be a little off topic, but I thought I would post it in
case someone ran into it as well.

I have ScanMail moving infected files.  One of the files that was moved into
the \VIRUS area was a FUN.MP3 that is listed as a short cut.  I cannot
delete due to a sharing violation (believe ScanMail still has locked).  Once
you try to delete or look at the attributes, your NT workstation jumps up to
100% CPU utilization for EXPLORER.  Even disconnecting the mapped drive does
not clear EXPLORER.EXE and the only way to get your workstation back is to

I duplicated this on 3 NT workstations.  Two running NT 4.0 sp6a one running
sp5.  Took me 3 days to determine what was causing my workstation to go
crazy.  I sure won't clear the areas from the server console.  I can just
see me killing the box!

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