Does anyone have an idea of miminum memory requirements for exchange servers
based on number of mailboxes etc? I have read the paper from M$ on this and
can only find reference to monitoring swapfile usage. 
I only have one server now (5.5 sp4 on win2K) but we have just taken over
another company thus giving me an extra 200 mailboxes.
My server is a HP dual Xeon 700, 1 gig of RAM and plenty of disk (90 gig on
raid 5) SHould this cope OK with 6 or 7 hunderd users or should I get
another server to remove some of the load?
Ideally, if I can make this one box do it all (except IMS which is relayed
from an IIS machine in the DMZ) I would prefer this option even if it means
adding memory.
Is there a "rule of thumb amount" of memory per mailbox i should be looking
to have?

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