Recently, the client machines at my WAN sites stopped receiving new mail 
notifications. I have a sniffer on my exchange box and conducted two packet 
captures. The first is between exchange and a local machine.  Outlook is 
open when the capture is started, and a new piece of mail is sent to the 
clients mailbox. The first two packets seen are UDP and sent from Exchange 
to the client machine, notifying it of the new mail. The second capture is 
between Exchange and a client on the WAN. Following the same procedure, it 
appears that no UDP packets are sent to that client machine. Any ideas why 
the Exchange machine is not sending these packets out?

We are using Exchange 5.5 with Outlook 2000. The sites are connected via 
frame relay. There is no NAT taking place and the routers have no filters 
set on them.

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