Brothers and sisters,

I still have the same problem after i tried is/ds adjustment.
To remember:
the sender of calender meeting recieves ndr voor the recipient and also
in some cases some messages.

When i study ndr messege i notice that the recipient which is mentioned
is the old (in most cases the second mailbox of the same user which has
been deleted )mailbox.

for example:
I send a message or a meeting request to murat but i recieve ndr for
murat2 after a while i recieve thatmessage has been delivered. And the
reciever has the calender meeting request.

In messages case if it goes wrong he event recieve the message but if
you send the same message again he recieves it.

This is being irritating.

Has some one has a genius idea.

Exchange 5.5 sp 3 with is, mta, ds post fixes, outlook 98,  nt sp6a.

kind regards


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