Hi Everyone,

Thanks in advance for your help. I have recently added an exch 2000 server to a 5.5 
site, moved over all the folders and mailboxes, removed the 5.5 server (according to 
technet) and cut over to Exchange 2000 Native mode. I am still having three problems, 
that have been with me since the first introduction of this server to the network.

#1. Every one minute on a domain controller I get the following Security Log Failure 

Event Type:     Failure Audit
Event Source:   Security
Event Category: Directory Service Access 
Event ID:       565
Date:           12/21/2001
Time:           4:45:21 AM
Computer:       DC_SERVER_NAME
Object Open:
        Object Server:  DS
        Object Type:    configuration
        Object Name:    CN=Configuration,DC=some,DC=company,DC=com
        New Handle ID:  -
        Operation ID:   {0,449887097}
        Process ID:     304
        Primary User Name:      DC_SERVER_NAME$
        Primary Domain: DOMAIN_NAME
        Primary Logon ID:       (0x0,0x3E7)
        Client User Name:       EXCH2K_SERVER$
        Client Domain:  DOMAIN_NAME
        Client Logon ID:        (0x0,0x1AD0BB6D)
        Accesses                Control Access 
        Privileges              -

Create Child 
Delete Child 
List Contents 
Write Self 
Delete Tree 
                Manage Replication Topology
The Exchange Enterprise servers group has manage replication topology rights on the 
domain container. I am at a loss as to why this keeps happening. Anyone?

#2. I have 4 former employees that show up in the GAL - they are not listed as having 
mailboxes in the ESM console. In AD Users and Computers I can see their email 
addresses, but cannot edit/delete them or "Hide from the Address Book". The accounts 
are disabled, although it is the same if I re-enable them. Under "All Exchange Tasks" 
the only choice I have is to enable instant messaging, a feature we do not use. Any 
thoughts on how to get them out of the GAL?

#3. The administrators group is getting the NDRs for every bad message that comes to 
us - about 200 a day. The "send copy of Non-Delivery Report to:" field in the 
properties for the default SMTP Virtual server is blank. Do you think this could be 
related to the fact I have set up one SMTP connector (our only connector)? Do I need 
that connector? We have a simple single domain with 150 users, all on Win2k, one 
Exchange 2000 mail server, internal win2k DNS that forwards requests to our ISP, and a 
T1 to our ISP.

Merry Christmas - and thanks for your insights.

Timothy J. Hooks



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