This is a known issue! It will happen when you use 8bit character in either body or 
subject of the message.

And if the client at the receiving end is using other client than Microsoft (i.e. 
Outlook, Outlook Express) he will get gibberish.

To solve this you need to have Exchange+hotfix or Exchange+sp1/sp2 plus an registry 

See Q273615 at http://support.microsoft.com

Hjorleifur Kristinsson, MCSE
Opin kerfi hf,Iceland

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Subject: RE: OWA and UTF-8

I asked you some of this earlier and you didn't reply.

1.  Do you have any international languages installed and/or configured on the OWA 
2.  Do you have any international languages installed and/or configured on your client 
3.  Do you have a front-end/back-end configuration?
4.  Do you have any connectors to third-party messaging systems?
5.  Does your mail go through any other vendors' products, gateways, pre-processing, 
post-processing, virus-scanning, or other steps between Exchange and the Internet?

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Subject: OWA and UTF-8

I am having a problem with Exchange 2k SP 2 and OWA. Occasionally when I reply to a 
message the recipient receives gobbly goop, which looks like it is encrytped or UTF-8. 
I am using OWA over SSL.

This only happens with OWA and usually only when I reply.


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        ܹѥํ4(%ѥᑽѥํ4($4($4($4(%eԁɔ ɕѱ Չ͍ɥѼѡ´%M͕ ȹɜ͍ ͥ1 4) 
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        ݕ ̹4($4($4($4($4(%eԁɔ ɕѱ Չ͍ɥѼѡ´%M͕ ȹɜ͍ ͥ1 4) 
ѥᑽѥํ4(%Qչ ͍ɥ͕Ѽ4)ٔͅ    ݕ
        ̹4($4(4(jٲry ! z
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