I am having a problem with Exchange 2k SP 2 and OWA. Occasionally when I reply to a 
message the recipient receives gobbly goop, which looks like it is encrytped or UTF-8. 
I am using OWA over SSL.

This only happens with OWA and usually only when I reply.


        > i 0  z+Ё$͕ ȁձѥqͥѕ́ ѡā%@ɕ  M ȁAՉ͡4)! ! ѡ%%L 4(4)]Ё 䁱ЁI   
ѥѥ4(4) ԁ āȁ
        ɔ4(4)Qᅹ̰4)44(4($䴴=ɥ5 4(%ɽ)聥! ͽmѼ驥͠ɝt4(%M ɤ      44(%Qm%M 
 ȹɜ͍ ͥ1
        t4(%4(%M  mͅ tIA ͡4($4($4(4(%   ܹ%M͕ ȹɜ4($4($4($ĸЁɕ  ѕɥѼɽ ѡɕ  
4($ Ёɕ  ѕɥѼ
        ѕЁ ȁݕ͕  4($̸= ɹ%@Ѽ͕ չѕݕͥѕ̀ ѕѕ٥4(Ĥ4($Ȥ4($иЁɕ   ȁ 
ѥѥ4($4(%)! ͽ4(%5@9Pа\,ɤ9
        ɬA4(%  ͕ͅ ȹɜ   ͽ4(%Iѡ4($4($=ɥ5 4(%ɽ耉5ɱͽ񑽵ѥᑽѥํ4(%Q 
m%M͕ ȹɜ͍ ͥ1 t  ퟆ

        ̹4(%M Q聡 ͑䰁Ȁ     4(%M  mͅ tAՉ͡4($4($4(%   ܹ%M͕ ȹɜ4($4($4(%]Ё$ 
ͥ] ͡ M ȁ
        ͡4)ȁݕ4(%͕  4($4(%% ɕ䁅她Ѽٔ䁱́ɽѡͅU ͼ$4)4(%ѥݕ ́͡ѡ݅ 
        ܹѥํ4(%ѥᑽѥํ4($4($4($4(%eԁɔ ɕѱ Չ͍ɥѼѡ́%M͕ ȹɜ͍ ͥ1 4) 
4(%͠ɜ4(%Qչ ͍ɥ͕Ѽ4)ٔͅ
        ݕ ̹4($4($4($4($4(%eԁɔ ɕѱ Չ͍ɥѼѡ́%M͕ ȹɜ͍ ͥ1 4) 
ѥᑽѥํ4(%Qչ ͍ɥ͕Ѽ4)ٔͅ    ݕ
        ̹4($4(4(jٲry ! z+ˢrֲڞ ˢ Nʋ rzǧujy器^jbݸ:+ 㮛zX(

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