I have an outside client experiencing what appears to be a Trojan on their
machine.  I had them update their Antivirus (Norton) and perform a scan but
there still appears to be something wrong.  I originally noticed the problem
because they were sending random *.exe files to my network...which get
deleted immediately (Exch 5.5 with Antigen 6.2).  I contacted the user and
determined there was a problem.  Following is a description of the problem
as stated by the user:
(Any input would be greatly appreciated).  
"We are using Windows 98.  we ran an updated Norton and found it to be a
virus.  It appears to be more than one.  We quarantined it and all was
repaired but 7 files marked as window/command files   and window/cab files
and it shows them as exe.  We sent them to Symantec to analyze.  We are also
receiving mail from others, whom we do not know, who are also having
problems and are trying to write for assistance to someone.  For some
reason, the mail is coming here.  The email that it shows as being sent to
on these letters  is [EMAIL PROTECTED] rather than our true email of
[EMAIL PROTECTED]  We have our outgoing mail as Dale, Paula and Family and
that mail is coming in as [EMAIL PROTECTED];  Paula and Family.  It is very
odd.  This is even after we have finished with the virus scans and cleaned
the PC.   One last thing also, maybe it will make sense to you.  We received
a piece of mail,  that was apparently from a persons "yahoo" auto response
box stating that he was out of town, (set probably so his box wouldn't fill
while he was gone)  no attachments, no nothing, but yet we received it FROM
him.  Many of the subject fields, including the yahoo one, have sentences
taken from my resume which I have saved in my scanner files and Microsoft
Word.  It would seem,  if I fixed most of the virus and quarantined ALL of
it, I shouldn't be having this problem.  We are currently looking for where
we put our CD with the firewall on it.  We DEFINITELY agree with you on this
as well.  Thank you VERY much, this has been confusing.  We recently
re-formatted our PC and would hate to have to do it all over again."

Thanks for your time,
Brian Murphy

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