Just a quick few from the past year from the Swynk list:

You should consider Aunty Jen from Safari as well... - Andy David
What if I'm blindfolded, my ears are plugged, I'm dizzy and I can't find my
wallet?  Can you still help me?  - Jennifer Baker
Oh.. You've been promoted to VP of Marketing? Yes, we have a special program
just for you.  - Chris Scharff
Pick me!  Pick me!  I'm closer. - Kelly Borndale
Ah disregard this question - Richard Tener
I thought your server was dead!? - Andy David
Outlook 200? The inquisition!!  - Martin Blackstone
I crossed a busy street without looking last week, and didn't get hit by
a car. - Tom Meunier about BLBs
Thanks, Ed. - Lots of people
I'm just a caveman. - Andy David
Hey-- I finally gradutated from Ice Cream Boy! - Mike Morrison
How's Hanji? - Matt Monteleone-Haught
Don, you're now Richard Tener's "Tech Buddy." - Great Cthulhu Jones

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