1. Don't hide it.
2. Don't hide it and name the mailbox display name Bob Jones.
3. Add the mailbox using the Exchange DN.
4. Unhide the mailbox, add it and then hide it.

Chris Scharff
Senior Sales Engineer
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> From: Ron Jameson [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] 
> Sent: Wednesday, January 02, 2002 1:03 PM
> To: Exchange Discussions
> Subject: Hide recipient but allow access internally
> I have an email account that is used as a deposit email 
> account (resumes). This email box will be used by multiple 
> people to view its contents and forward manually as needed.  
> I do not want users internally to be able to see this in the 
> GAL and yet I need to be able to open the inbox from other 
> users.  Can this be done?  The exchange 5.5 hide from GAL 
> will not allow users to open.
> Regards,
> Ron Jameson
> James Hamlin Consulting Inc.

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