Try looking at MS's Exchange site. They site E2K's advantages over 5.5 and 
the reasons to move

>We all know that Microsoft has announced the planned end of support for NT
>I know they had a link which listed life-cycles of various products but I
>can't seem to find it anymore.  I've search under "life-cycle," "product
>life-cycle," etc, etc.
>Does anybody have a link or can tell me any planned end for support for
>Exchange 5.5?
>We're trying to convince administration to replace our servers and move 
>to Windows 2000.  They, of course, ar balking at it so we're coming up with
>every, stinkin' little bit of reason we can.
>For some reason, just saying "...cause we believe it's a good idea..." just
>doesn't seem to be an acceptable argument.
>Paul Chinnery
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