Hi everyone

I'll try to give as much information as possible, maybe someone else on this
list has seen this?  Please don't tell me to call PSS, I've been on the
phone with them for 5 days and the problem is still not resolved....

I have three domains, ad.xxx.com, hcg.ad.xxx.com and hci.ad.xxx.com.  Ad is
the root domain, there is only one server, no exchange.  Hcg has 12 Exchange
servers.  Four of them are Exchange 2000 (two of the four are actually
clustered), the rest are 5.5 servers.  Hci has only one exchange 2000
server.  Everything was working fine, there were no issues with mail at all.
I was getting ready to move the users onto the new boxes.  On the Wednesday
before Xmas, the Admin in Hci installs service pack 2 for Exchange.  When he
does, about 20 mins (?) later, he's getting the following error:

Event 1022, 

Logon failure on database First Storage Group\mailbox store (HCICLEX1 (the
server name)) - Windows 2000 account NT\Authority\System; mailbox (then it
drills down to the Microsoft system attendant) error -2147467259.  

Within an hour of his call, I start seeing the same error messages on my
exchange servers.  When I log into the test accounts on the new exchange
2000 servers, all the sent mail sits in the out box. 

I installed Sp 2 on my servers, hoping the problem would clear up.  Now on
top of the original errors, I am getting errors telling me:

Event 9175

The Mapi call "openmsgstore" failed with the following error: The attempt to
log on to the Microsoft Exchange Server has failed.  The Mapi provider
failed. MS exchange server information store.  ID 8004011d-0512-0000000

Has anyone seen anything like this??  Can someone point me in the right
direction?  The 5.5 servers are not affected at all.

I apologize in advance for the cross post.  

Thanks for any advice you can give.


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