Using Outlook 2000 and Exchange 5.5 in an NT4 sp6 environment.

Periodically, when you attempt to open a message or access the GAL, the
client machines will "hang" from about 2-15 seconds or so.  Cannot see any
messages in the queue that might be causing this.  IS on one server is
about 45GB, but it's an HP with 4 processors and 1 GB of RAM.  Perfmon
shows CPU usage stays low.  No unusual messages in the event logs on the
Exchange server.

I suspect either an authentication problem or network congestion, but have
not been able to see anything out of the ordinary.  I will also get this
problem if I use Exchange Administrator to create a new mailbox or edit an
existing one, if I am using the program from my workstation.

We also use SMS, and there is a lot of authentication activity on the two
BDC's from the CliTokn account, so I pointed my Exchange servers to the
PDC for authentication, but the problem still exists.  That makes me
suspect more strongly network issue. On another Exchange server with only
a 8 GB IS, I still get the "hang issue" from clients homed on that server.

Any ideas on where to look for what may be causing thses periodic hangs? 
Anyone else seen this issue?  Thanks.

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