when a user registers on our website, we have to create a mailbox through
an ASP page on MS Exchange Server5.5 on a Windows NT4.0 with IIS4.0 and
ADSI2.5 installed on it. 
Since i am new to this please bear with my simple queries and help me
here is my questionaire...

1. Do i need to install anything else on my server for this job?
2. Do i need to change any settings on my Exchange server or IIS?
3. How do i check the version of LDAP running on the system?
4. I have not installed any LDAP server on my system as it seems MS
5.5 has a built-in one. Is this true?

Now let me tell you the trials i have made.

1. Due to reported conflicts in Port number 386 used by LDAP by default
i have changed it to 777
following is the code which i am using to create a mail box. in this
code  2. I am trying to first logon to the NT Server, for creating a
mailbox, with administrator rights.
i guess the logon itself fails. So i need some help in this area also.
3. Now i am trying to create a mailbox and then trying to associate it
with an existing NT account.

OrgName = "org"
SiteName = "site"
strUserName = "administrator" ' this user has admin rights on winnt server
strPassword ="pass"
LoginId = "kalyan" 'mailbox name to create
FirstName = "Kalyan"
LastName = "Chakravarthy"

'Start Logon to NT
                strADsPath = "WinNT://venus"
                Set oADsObject = GetObject(strADsPath)
                Dim strADsNamespace
                Dim oADsNamespace
                strADsNamespace = left(strADsPath, instr(strADsPath,
                set oADsNamespace = GetObject(strADsNamespace)
                Set oADsObject = oADsNamespace.OpenDSObject(strADsPath,
strUserName, strPassword, 0)
'End Logon to NT

'Start Getting the SID for the user ID to which all mailboxes are
with by using ADSItools component
dim varSecurityID
Set objSIDComp = Server.CreateObject("ADSITools.ExNTSID")
varSecurityID = objSIDComp.GetMySID("servername", "domain",
'End Getting the SID for the user ID that all mailboxes are associated

'Start Creating the mailbox in the DS with ADSI
    strPath = "LDAP://venus:777/o="; & OrgName & "/ou=" & SiteName
    Set recipcont_obj = GetObject(CStr(strPath))
'LDAP Name...should be same as alias
    Set recip_obj = recipcont_obj.Create("organizationalPerson", Loginid)
    recip_obj.Put "mailPreferenceOption", 0

    recip_obj.Put "sn", LastName        'Last Name

    recip_obj.Put "cn", LoginId         'Mailbox Name

    recip_obj.Put "givenName", FirstName        'First Name

    recip_obj.Put "uid", LoginId        'Alias
    recip_obj.Put "Home-MTA", "cn=Microsoft MTA,cn=" & ServerName &
& SiteName & ",o=" & OrgName
    recip_obj.Put "Home-MDB", "cn=Microsoft Private MDB,cn=" & ServerName
& ",cn=Servers,cn=Configuration,ou=" & SiteName & ",o=" & OrgName
    Response.Write varSecurityID
    recip_obj.Put "Assoc-NT-Account", (varSecurityID) 'Associate this
mail box with a primary Windows Account of Administrator

    recip_obj.Put "mail", LoginId & "@" & Domain   'SMTP Address

    recip_obj.setinfo   ' commit the contents of the adsi object to the
'End Creating the mailbox in the DS with ADSI

    Response.Write "Success... Your new MailBox created."


using this code i am getting the following error:error '80072021'

thank you in anticipation.

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