I've got a test environment where I've done multiple restores over the past
four years.  Currently it's setup in a pretty precise mirror image of what i
have in production.  4 Exchange servers, same site, same org.  I had to do a
restore on one of the servers yesterday and bring it back to December 13th
(yup... they deleted a file that fell outside of our 21 day recover deleted
items window!). 

Anyway, after the restore from December 13th--the directory service wouldn't
start, I finally got it to start by shutting down the other 3 exchange
servers... and then the dir service started on the restored system.  I could
also start the exchange services on the other 3 systems.   However, I still
cannot shutdown the service on the restored exchange server and restart the
directory service.  

No error event logs.... just the "took too long to start" error message on
the Win2k server.  The event log just shows a startup and a shutdown of the
directory service.  I thought it might have to do with the old date of the
restore.... so I restored the server with the original dir and info store
from Jan 1.   Same result.  Any ideas?

All servers are
Windows 2000 Server, sp2
Exchange 5.5 sp4
Did install ADC (from ex sp2 cd) on one of the AD servers in the
testnetwork... although the service is stopped in all scenarios.

Josh Harmon

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