What you're seeing should absolutely not happen.  Exchange doesn't go out
and look for other servers.  Something somebody did joined that server to
your existing site.

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Ed C. asks:
The server you're restoring to has the same organization and site name as
your production environment but was installed without joining the site,
Well... yes an no.

When I first created the environment I did so following the DR whitepaper
which says:
4.      Select Create New Site (do not select Join Existing Site).
5.      Use the same organization and site names.

And from part 2:
Question 35: If I have a good backup of the directory and information store
and I am restoring a server to an existing site by reinstalling Exchange,
should I select Create New Site or Join Existing Site during the Exchange
Answer: Be sure to select Create New Site. Do not select Join Existing Site.
When you restart the server after restoring the databases, the restored
server automatically synchronizes with existing servers in the site-even
when you select Create New Site. If you attempt to Join Existing Site, you
will receive an error because other servers in the site already have
knowledge of the server you are restoring (its name matches the name of the
crashed server).

So I did that on all four machines using a Jan 1 backup... Directory
connections work fine at that point (make a change on one and replicated
out).  It wasn't until I restored to December 13th that I had a problem.
And all I did for that restore was a restore from an online backup (using
Backup Exec).   When that failed... I thought maybe it had to do with a bad
exchange install so at this point I did uninstall and reinstall exchange
(using above directiongs) and re-ran the restore.  I finally got the one
server to work by turning off the other directories.  I agree that the
directories would not co-exist or replicate... but where was my mistake.  Am
I misreading the DR. document?  Obviously something went wrong... but I
would like to figure out what my misstep was before it becomes a production

Appreciate your time Ed.


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