The SCHEDULE.EXE program is also included in the W2K Resource Kit...
Syntax is:
Release 2.0 written by Stephen L. Bryant Jr. 1993,1995 at Microsoft

Usage: SHUTDOWN [/?] [\\Computer] [/A] [/R] [/T:xx] ["MSG"][/C]

SHUTDOWN with no parameters pulls up the GUI.

/?              Shows this message.
\\COMPUTER      Specifies a remote computer to shutdown. Note that
                 if no name is given but the app is started with any
                 of the other options, the local computername will be used.
/A              Aborts a system shutdown. This is only possible during the
                 timeout period. If this switch is used, all other are ignored.
/L              Specifies the local computer.  Note that if you use this 
                 the program will ignore any other computername used.
/R              Specifies that the machine should reboot after shutdown.
/T:xx           Sets the timer for system shutdown in seconds.
                 [30 sec. default]
"Msg"           Specifies an additional message. [max. 127 characters]
/C              Forces running applications to close.

ATTENTION: If you use the /C parameter NT ignores the applications
option to save data which may have changed. You will see no File-Save
dialog box, because NT will force the application to close.
This will result in a loss of all data not previously saved!
I suggest you put the shutdown command line in a batch file and schedule 
the batch file...

Ken, I'd like a copy of your Perl script please!

At 12:05 PM 1/9/2002 -0500, you wrote:
>You can use the shutdown.exe program from the NT4 resource kit along with
>the scheduling service.
>I've got a perl program that I use to reboot servers. It takes a snapshot of
>running services, reboots the machine, and verifies that all of the services
>running prior to reboot are running after. It sends email or pages if any
>things goes wrong in the process. This perl script can't run on the machine
>being rebooted, though - it has to run somewhere else. If you want a copy,
>let me know.
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>Subject: OT- info on automated reboot of server
>Had a off topic quickie for those who know:
>Where can I find info about getting, and setting up and automated reboot of
>a server? I know there are scheduling programs out there that do this. Is
>this the best bet for scheduling  a server to reboot each morning at 5am?
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