Yep. One crucial step is missing, and I've never found it documented in the
DR Whitepapers..

In ExAdmin, you need to add a replica of the PF to the restore server. Once
you do that, you'll have client access to them again.

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> Subject: PF restore problem
> A coadmin of mine created somewhat of a problem when I wasn't 
> available (some PF rehoming done incorrectly, without waiting 
> for replication), some PF contents are gone. Take restore 
> server, reinstall (NT4, sp, exch 55, sp4). Restore stores 
> (from backup exec 8.5, private and pub, no dir). Restart 
> services, run DS/IS consistency adjuster (with all 4 options 
> enabled, Filter set "all inconsistencies"). Run, ok. 
> Mailboxes appeared correctly, assign permission, connect with 
> client, ahah, the PF is there, click on it: PF unavailable ??
> PF did NOT appear, in ex administrator "Public Folder 
> Resources" contains only EventConfig, Events Root, Offline 
> Address Book and Schedule + Free Busy info. Note the PF 
> structure appeared fine, just the contents are missing - 
> trying to access the folder content from OL (or property in 
> ex administrator) I get a msg roughly like "the contents are 
> unavailable - either the server computer servicing this pf is 
> down or the pf has not been replicated to this site".
> Basic check of the ebd file sizes: priv.edb 5GB, pub.edb 11GB 
> (about same size as the working server, ok). Wondering if any 
> content at all has been restored I tried a offline 
> defragmentation of the public edb - compacted down to about 
> 3GB which should be correct - I moved lot of data to another 
> server lately.
> Any idea what I did wrong or what to do ? In the meantime I'm 
> restoring again from scratch in case I forgot something basic 
> but I just can't understand what :(
> Heiko
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