I am having a serious problem with "new mail notifications" over a WAN.
Basically they don't update until a user clicks on a nether message or waits
in excess of 20 minutes. Needless to say users are frustrated by this due to
the fact that they don't "think" their mail has been sent.
Is there a work arround for this? Client side notification of disabeling
"new mail notifications"?
The description of why this particular situation does not work is below,
read into if you wish.

-John Q Jr.

Currently machines on the WAN network are using internal IP addresses (which
are not routable via our network). When the machines send packets to our
network, the WAN  router converts the IP addresses into a public IP address
(an address our router can actually reply to). The problem in hand is that
when Exchange receives packets from the client, it looks into the payload
information (information inside the packet, not the header) to figure out
where it should be sent.

Case in point: Workstation is connected to x.230.24156/57. Due to
NAT, the Exchange servers sees x.154.10.42 connected (it can communicate
back fine). Once the user receives a piece of mail, the Exchange server
replies to (it had to have looked this information up from the
payload data) and of course this IP is not routable.

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