Hi all
Does anyone know how to restrict the memory allocation used by Exchange
2000?   I have a small site that keeps blowing out its memory.
Wiondows 2000 SBS / Exchange 2000 service pack, IBM netserver with 896 Mb
Ram with 10 users.   The store.exe after 24 hours uses all the available
RAM and will not release it for other applications so all applications are
using the swap file which slows down the server.    I would like to
restrict the Information store to 384MB ram and allow the other processes
to use the rest of the available RAM
I know that the system is suppose to be self regulating but I would like
to restrict it.   I have read some of the articles on Technet but they
only talk about restricting the treads and we have tried that but it still
has the same problems.
Thanks in advanced

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