Dear All,

Sorry to bother you again with this Connector for Lotus Notes connecter
thing (@#%* :-(. Still no e-mail flow from Exchange to Notes. Number of
messages stuck in the Outbound to Notes queue: 3408 (and counting).

When I try to start the Convert Exchange to Notes process (Exchange
Connectivity Administrator, “Start One Process” option), it stops after a
few seconds (Every other process is running and Idle). The Log Browser
displays 4 yellow (level 2; warning) messages:

LME-NOTES-MEXNTS 41409 The NOTES Server the NMC is connected to is Notes
Build Version: 147
LME-NOTES-MEXNTS 41410 The local Notes platform the NMC is running on is
Notes Build Version: 147
LME-NOTES-MEXNTS 54101 Error {Unrecognised transform} Exchange to Notes
Attachment XFM failed.
LME-NOTES-MEXNTS 54101 An ABNORMAL SHUTDOWN request has been received.

Now TechNet tells me in Q197870 of message number 54006: Error {GRC:2828}
Notes to Exchange Attachment XFM failed

Their solution is the good old “please install the latest service pack”
one. In Q197870 their talking about SP3. This Exchange box is running on
SP4, both lsntsmex.exe and lsntshc.dll version being 5.5.1960.8.
Anyone out there who knows what’s going on?
Any help is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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