--- Comment #4 from Thaddeus H. Black <> ---
Jasen Betts' answer makes sense to me.  His answer sounds right.  The
configuration item he quotes is indeed one of the configuration items I have
altered; and it is indeed a Debianization, not something you wrote.

If this is the case, then I should now transfer the conversation back to the
Debian arena, leaving you in peace.  Should a patch emerge from the Debian
conversation, if the patch touches your code, then I can reopen this bug report
at that time.

For now, close the report at your discretion.  Alternately, if you have further
questions, instructions or advice for me, let me know.

                                    *  *  *

Further information from me may be irrelevant at this point, so you can stop
reading if you wish, but Jasen's answer has reminded me of one thing I did not
mention earlier.  The connection between my laptop and the relay server happens
to pass through a geostationary satellite link.  Normally, this is not
interesting, but geostationary satellite links are slow.  More precisely,
geostationary satellite links suffer the inherent latency of a double round
trip to and from the satellite at the speed of light.  In theory, latency can
trigger a timeout.  Is this relevant?  I doubt it, but there it is.

Thanks for the consultation.

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