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> https://bugs.exim.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2369
> --- Comment #1 from Jeremy Harris <jgh146...@wizmail.org> ---

I much prefer email communication to bugzilla (perhaps not a surprise),
so replying here.  I hope that's OK; if we reach any conclusions, I'll
summarize in the bug log.

> Could you craft up some text for doc/doc-txt/experimental-spec.txt ?

Okay, I will do that.

> Can it be dynamically-loaded?  If not we'll want to note that in

In principle, it can.  It's just that the scaffolding setup is so
laborious (and unnecessarily so, IMO) that by the time I got it to link
statically I had enough.  I plan to start a thread about all that soon.

> The feature-macro is missing (see src/macro_predef.c); since this is purely a
> lookup, _HAVE_LOOKUP_CORKIPSET seems appropriate.  Note that in doc
> too.

Hmm ... see above, but I'll look into that.

> The coding style ought to be massaged towards project policy; it's short 
> enough
> I can do that.

Is there a document about the preferred project style?  Or better, a
tool implementing it, such as a bunch of clang-format settings?

> Are the required libraries supported by any common distros?

Yes, debian and devuan, at least.  These are the two platforms I use for
my server type hosts.

> My preferred dev platform, currently f28, does not - and building
> libcork fails, on an initial attempt.

Yeah, I use f28 on the desktop, too.  I got the libs from github but
have not tried to build them there, yet.

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