On 24/02/2019 18:52, Jeremy Harris via Exim-dev wrote:
> On 24/02/2019 18:11, Ian Zimmerman via Exim-dev wrote:
>>> I'd expect conversion to unabbreviated form to have been done too.
>> Do you mean I can expect an IPv6 address (mapped or not) to have exactly
>> 7 separators, whatever these might be?  If yes, there is no ambiguity.
> That is my hope.  But hope is all it is.  This is why I say you need to
> test.  And leave the testcases in the testsuite.

I gave in and ran some tests myself.

My optimism was misplaced, but it doesn't matter.  Your code gets
given the raw string from the user; it is _not_ colon-to-dot
translated - it can have any format of ipv6 or ip4 address
(and possibly also just be bogus).

This is with a direct ${lookup } call as per your testcases.

I don't know if a lookup done via the list-syntax
  "hosts = corkipset:/filename"
will be different.  Probably it will, sigh.

More testing needed.

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