On 2019-02-18 19:35, Jasen Betts wrote:

> > I'd had the loop fixed in my local git but the commit got lost when
> > I made a patch :-( Really, it would be much easier for me to just
> > work with git.  Why is that option not there?
> As I understand it (being an outsider); the exim project is not hosted
> on github: it is mirrored on github. So the exim github is effectively
> read only.

I've always known that github is a read only mirror.  But there is
git.exim.org, and I set my "origin" to that.

> git diff master > thing.patch

I did something very similar to generate my patch, but it turned out the
upstream branch was not in the right relation to mine.  The branch I was
working on was based on my local branch from which I build my running
server.  So first I tried to rebase, and when that proved impossibly hard
I had to edit the patch by hand, and that's where the mistake happened.

Of course you can say it is all my fault for not starting the
development from master in the first place, but it would be much harder
to make such a mistake of there was an official development branch for
the feature from/to which I could pull/push.

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