On 2019-02-26 17:28, Jeremy Harris wrote:

> >   devuan-205f!35 exim$ cat strange-iplist
> >  "0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:ffff:0102:0203" : data
> >  "::ffff:102:203" : also_data
> > : more_data
> >   devuan-205f!38 exim$ ./src/build-Linux-aarch64/exim -C 
> > /home/itz/exim/exim.conf -be 
> > '${lookup{0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:ffff:0102:0203}iplsearch{/home/itz/exim/strange-iplist}{good}{bad}}'
> >  bad
> >   devuan-205f!39 exim$ ./src/build-Linux-aarch64/exim -C 
> > /home/itz/exim/exim.conf -be 
> > '${lookup{::ffff:102:203}iplsearch{/home/itz/exim/strange-iplist}{good}{bad}}'
> >  bad
> The address being looked up, ::ffff:102:203, is an ipv6-mapped ipv4
> and we'd expect it to match in the file.  But you only have

But according to the spec (section 10.11) the mapping is done _when
checking an address for membership in a host list_.  I read that (IMO
with justification) as meaning a bare lookup does no such translation,
because none is mentioned in the part of the spec about lookups (that
would be section 9.3 I guess).  So at least this is a documentation bug.

The fact that the address I tested was a mapped one was intentional, of
course, because those are the ones presenting potential ambiguity when
expressed in a dot delimited form.

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