> On Sunday 29 October 2006 05:36, Vitaly A Zakharov wrote:
>> Try to use a well-known construction, just above virus checking in Exim
>> configuration:
>> acl_check_mime:
>>    warn    decode         = default
>>    drop    message        = Blacklisted file extension detected.
>>            condition      = ${if
>> match{${lc:$mime_filename}}{\N(\.cpl|\.pif|\.bat|\.scr|\.lnk|\.com|\.hta)$\
>> N}{1}{0}}
>>    accept
>> You would be surprised, the volume of viruses will decrease about a half.
> You would be surprised, the number of users who complain because these 
> extensions (especially .lnk and .scr) are blocked.
> In fact it was such a common problem among our (mostly non-IT) users, that we 
> ended up defaulting to NOT blocking executable extensions, though it can be 
> turned on per-domain.
> I don't really like blocking simply on extension anyways - I ran into it 
> myself when trying to E-mail an HTML file without an extension (it was named 
> simply
> Cheers,

We have two such rules - both with far more extensive lists, as we cover mostly
Mac and other 'non-MS' platforms. Both add 'points' and user prefs do
modification to 'Subject:' and quarantining.

- But the 'surprise' here is that they almost never triggered until recently.

Client branch offices that need to send photos and such are whitelisted and/or
trained to alter the file extent or encapsulate, and the villainous *were* being
stopped before they got as far as that.

That said, the recent rise in otherwise innocuous body with text-bearing graphic
attached says we need a server-global tightening up on a *combination* of
any-graphic + [stranger AND/OR rudebugger].

- Where 'stranger' is anyone we have never sent 'TO:', and 'rudebugger' is
weighted scores for failure on rDNS, HELO, dynamic-IP, RBL, header format
....... etc.

If we have to get into the insanity of CPU cycles needed for OCR inspection of
graphics, I'd call that a dead loss, strip the dodgy attachments, and point the
user community back to their fax machines (color, for the most part) or FedEx.



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