John Schmerold via Exim-users <> wrote:
> I am using Exim as a spam filter for a dozen domains, I store recipients 
> in a recipients.txt using this directive
>     require recipients = nwildlsearch;/etc/exim/recipients.txt

> I want to get abuse reports for all domains sent to me using this directive:
>    abuse@* Tt

> I thought I could add this line to /etc/exim/recipients.txt:
>    abuse@*
> If I use * in recipients.txt, everything works fine, so I'm 
> not sure why abuse@* wouldn't work.


that is how nwildlsearch works, see
You can either match exactly, or "the string may begin with an
asterisk to mean “ends with", or use a regex or use a nested lookup.
"Begins with" is not listed.


would probably work as pattern.

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