On 8/10/2017 10:47 AM, Jeremy Harris wrote:
On 10/08/17 16:26, John Schmerold via Exim-users wrote:
     require recipients = nwildlsearch;/etc/exim/recipients.txt
I thought I could add this line to /etc/exim/recipients.txt:
If I use *@whyme.com in recipients.txt, everything works fine, so I'm
not sure why abuse@* wouldn't work.

The wildcarding done natively for (n)wildsearch only supports
a leading asterisk.  You can use full-RE instead, but those
are marked with a leading caret.

Mind, as chapter 10 says, there's no advantage in specifying
nwildsearch for this address-list over just using the filename
as (the sole) list element.

I went with leading caret - problem solved. Thank you

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