I have a router that I use for catch-all purposes.  If the conditions are
all valid, it adds a header and redirects the message to the catch-all
account defined for the domain.

headers_add = "X-Catch-All: u...@example.com"

That works fine, has been working for years.

Further down in my router list I am trying to add a new router, that I do
*not* want to run if the message has the X-Catch-All header.

I basically want something like this (but have not gotten it work).

condition = ${if !def:h_x-catch-all:}

Since I have not been able to get it work, I am assuming the header is not
actually added yet when passing through the 2nd router.

What can I do in the 1st router, that would allow me to exclude the message
from being processed in the 2nd router?

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