Rob Gunther via Exim-users <> (Fr 11 Aug 2017 08:49:30 CEST):
> My assumption was correct, I found this blurb in the documentation
> <>
> on
> routers.
> *New header lines are not actually added until the message is in the
> process of being transported. This means that references to header lines in
> string expansions in the transport’s configuration do not “see” the added
> header lines. *

That talks about header lines added in transports. What is mentioned
about header lines added in routers? (I'm not sure..)
> So back to my original question...  What can I do in a router that I can
> then read as a condition of another router?

You can try setting address_data.

(And I revoke my question about the subsequent routers, as the first one
was a redirect router…)

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