Running exim 4.89-3.

We pass all of our outbound Exim email to a smart host for auditing reasons. 
The smart host logs the from and to addresses for legal reasons and then 
delivers the email.

What we're seeing:
Example 1: If user Tim sends an email and, the system works as it should. One email is sent with 2 

Example 2: If we change that up and user Tim sends an email as well as, Exim is sending two 
emails two 1 recipient each.

Is it possible to have Exim simply pass the email Example 2 as one email as in 
Example 1? We do not want the multi-domain email split in to multiple emails. 
Office 365 relays multi-domain emails through our smart host as one email. I 
could have a message with 60 different recipient email domains coming from O365 
and our relay server sees 1 email with 60 recipients and handles it 
accordingly. With both Gmail and cPanel (Exim), using that same example, we'd 
have 60 emails show up with 1 recipient each.

This is a big deal from the standpoint that Aunt Mabel sends 10x high-res pics 
of the grandkids to the extended family, and now we're receiving 60x the 
bandwidth that we should be on our smart host. Outbound bandwidth from our 
smart host is the same.



- Al

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