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> Howdy,

> Running exim 4.89-3.

> We pass all of our outbound Exim email to a smart host for auditing
> reasons. The smart host logs the from and to addresses for legal
> reasons and then delivers the email.

> What we're seeing:
> Example 1: If user Tim sends an email and
>, the system works as it should. One email is
> sent with 2 recipients.

> Example 2: If we change that up and user Tim sends an email
> as well as, Exim is
> sending two emails two 1 recipient each.

> Is it possible to have Exim simply pass the email Example 2 as one
> email as in Example 1?

Have you tried different queue-runner options, e.g. setting queue_only
and running the queue in a two-stage process (-qq Option).

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