On 2020-03-23 at 20:54 +0800, daniel via Exim-users wrote:
> We recently received many of our end users complains that they are having 
> problem sending email to *.gov.hk with this exim error: 

Their DNS is broken.

> However we have contacted our government and their responds is:
> “Our DNSSEC setup is fine, and it is not nesserary to have DANE setup 
> together with DNSSEC , so it is the exim MTA problem. We have not actually 
> setup DANE “
> Now here comes the problem: how can we solve this problem passively? We have 
> many cPanel server with Exim.

You have one of these two options set on your SMTP Transport:


Each of those takes a host-list, so might currently look like:

    hosts_try_dane = *

You can change that to look like:

    hosts_try_dane = !*.gov.hk : *

If the host-list references external files, take a look at those.


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