Hi, well its looks like I'm in the right area time wise :)
Now I'm getting very tempted to upgrade the cpu, Ive only recently got
this motherboard so I should be OK .

It would be nice to encode to mp3 with grip, but I've look everywhere I
know and hav'nt found the encoder.

from the replies on this list and what reading I've done etc, it would
appear that the rip and encoding thats done with some of the windows
progs probably cut a lot of corners to gain speed.
At least with linux we can burn a CD and still do other things, my sons
750MHz duron machine running winxp, cant do much else if he copies a cd
with nero, it may be quicker BUT !!


On Sat, 2003-07-05 at 17:18, KevinO wrote:
> Rolf Pedersen wrote:
>   On my 1700+
> > Athlon, it took about 24 minutes for 9 tracks/44 minutes of music.
> > 
> Sounds similar to grip, which automatically creates per user config files
> (~/.grip). All of these programs are just front-ends to the 'standard' command
> line tools. (cdparanoia, cdrecord, mkisofs, etc.)
> Using grip, set for cdparanoia for ripping and gogo for encoding, a Pentium 3
> 800 and an older Yamaha 16x LightSpeed drive, rip and encode takes 10 to 15
> minutes for a full-length CD.
> The Yamaha, using cdparanoia (slower but better) to rip runs at around 6x to
> 7x rate and gogo actually runs a little faster, often waiting for the next
> track to finish ripping.
> On my friend's dual Athlon MP 1600+, gogo runs so fast that tracks are often
> encoded while his 24x Yamaha is locating and starting the next track, well
> under 10 seconds per track to encode. (It has been a while but it seems like
> it was more like 3 to 5 seconds to encode a track) It would rip track 1, then
> encode it before it could start ripping track 2, then gogo would sit idle
> until track 2 was done ripping, and so on ...

> I wish my audio/DVD toys would play ogg....
> If anyone wants more accurate benchmark numbers I can run a quick test on
> either or both of these machines.
Richard Bown <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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