Hi all
a few stats of my system on rip and encode times
source  audio cd 11 tracks duration 60.1 mins

Arson   this got in a mess and was aborted
K3b rip several hours and up to 60% cpu time (peaks)
Xripper  rip and encode encode to mp3 30mins 12% cpu time (peaks)
Grip     rip and encode to ogg  15 mins (12%cpu time (peaks)

source drive genuine scsi

I'm trying to find the mp3 encoder for grip,
The one observation I can make is that the ripping process on grip is
about 8 mins , its the encoding that takes the time, the same with
With the resource on this machine 1.2 GHz duron and 750Mb of ram surely
it should be quicker ??  
The one thing I do like with Grip is the construction of a dir with the
Artist and subdir for the album name, and track names are maintained..


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