On Friday 04 July 2003 22:14, John Haywood wrote:
> Ive just logged into kde 3.1 (Bamboo 9.1), and for the umpteenth time,
> found my menus gone!
> Now, I can fix this by mv .kde .kdeold, then restarting kde, whereupon the
> menus reappear, but this is a sledgehammer and nut fix, which involves
> resetting all my themes, window decorations, datafiles, moving or
> recreating the resource and config files in .kde/share and config etc etc.
> Not to mention that my home directory is getting a bit littered with
> kdeold, kdeoldest, kdestuffed etc etc
> Now, can anyone point me to the file (s) which might be causing this?.
> As previously posted, I get the same result if I try editing the menu using
> menudrake, either as user or root, either the Sys menus or the User menus.
> Both same - menus well and truly edited!!!
> There must be a file or combo in ~/.kde which is, or becomes corrupt
> All ideas welcome!!!

I used to have that happen all the time too, but since I installed Texstar's 
latest set of kde rpm packages , it never happens. If you haven't done so, 
that will fix it- the stock MDK version is not up to his standards. Everybody 
who tries them swear by it.

Robert Crawford

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