X or no? you can just put it at the end of .bashrc, but you'll break
less and probably some other stuff :-). If you want it when you login to
X, look for a fortune-shower for your favorite DE (say
http://gfort.sourceforge.net/) and put a link to it in

On Sun, 2003-07-06 at 19:44, kiosk wrote:
> Robert - I'm not in a hurry. I'm not a hardcore gamer. I like the
> traditional ways of wasting time, like fortune - for me, fortune has
> always been one of the main attractions of linux. My slackware
> installation on my old box gives me a fortune every time I log on. With
> MDK I have to run it. I need to work out which script I need to modify in
> MDK in order to have fortune acknowledge my logging on. I also need to
> find out how to get asterisks for passwords. In slackware it was explained
> in a comment in some file or other. So little time - so much to do!
Jack Coates
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