On Mon, 2003-07-07 at 18:15, Mike Grello wrote:
> My motherboard has an S3 savage4 video adapter and I thought I would save a 
> few bucks and use it.  I have 32MB put aside for video memory.  The adapter, 
> first of all, won't do 24 bits at 1280x1024 (should require about 8MB), it 
> breaks up, so I have it set for 16 bits (probably no whoop, it's just 
> inconsistent).  The big problem is that Xine freezes the entire machine when 
> I start it up (I am thinking lack of video overlay capability on the 
> adapter).  I am using the latest Xine, installed clean (not over the Xine 
> that came with Mandrake).  Do I need to part with the cash, or is there a way 
> around this?  I looked on the S3 web site but the driver there is from 2000, 
> so I've got to believe it won't be an improvement, unless I am missing 
> something.
> thanks


  two things.. there where some bugs in bugzilla related to the S3
problems.  I'm told but cannot verify that both 18mdk and 16mm fix them
to some extent.  (btw 16mm works a lot better with Xine anyway.)  


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