Hey, I am trying to recover files off of a tape - I did a 
backup last night, and the machine hung at the end of the
backup. So I rebooted, and now (with another tape) am trying
to bring in some files I had saved previously - these had
reading troubles before.

I usually so far haven't had issues with the tape drive, which
is an HP Surestore DAT - SCSI using an Adaptec 2910C 

Now tar is coming back with /dev/st0: cannot allocate memory.

I'm using Cooker, with:

Linux m206-157.dsl.tsoft.com 2.4.21-0.1mdk #1 Wed May 7 04:38:19 CEST 2003 i686 
unknown unknown GNU/Linux

Kernel issue?

Please i need these files :)

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