Ricardo (Tru64 User) wrote:

OK, the consesus seems to be buying Mandrake Club
membership, and most ppl prefer the download edition.
(mandrake, maybe dont spend too much time making all
those other editions...)

I am just hoping Mandrake wont drop the ball on the
downloaded edition, and stop offering updates, like
Redhat did (kind-off)...thus only supporting the "paid
for" editions.

Thanks all for the quick replies.....I got my three
CD's downloaded in under 40mins over the weekend.
Suprisingly, the "chelo" site in Switzerland is
amazingly faster than all other many other mirrors I
have used located in the US....I being located in the
US! Something speedy about transatlantic cables?

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I think  120 a year is high. I would like to see
this at 80.

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On Monday 17 November 2003 11:43 am, Ricardo (Tru64
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I have always done with 8.2. Basically same


but not Free ($0.00)" We all understand the


consumes money!

If all you want to do is contribute financially,
continue to use the
download edition and buy a Club membership. Highest profit
margin plus you get
access to all the Commercial software included in PowerPack
(except Win4Lin and VMware trials) for download.

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You don't have to worry about Mandrake not offering the updates for the download edition, like some other distros. It's the same update process whether you have the download addition or any of the other editions. Mandrake doesn't have a subscription based update system. Updates are freely available to all.


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