On Wednesday 19 November 2003 03:13 am, James Sparenberg wrote:
> > On Tue, 2003-11-18 at 06:57, Greg Meyer wrote:
> > If you want a pointy-clicky config interface and you don't like
> > DrakConf, use Webmin -- it doesn't have that problem. It's also better
> > at handling complex config than DrakConf. DrakConf is very good at
> > things like X, but I agree that its network config is... questionable.
> I'm going to have to admit that I agree with Jack here.  I stopped using
> Linuxconf around the time of RH5.2 for this very reason.  It was  a nice
> training tool. In that it taught me a lot about repairs but hardly a
> learning system I would ever recommend.
>  Webmin I've been a fan of since around the time of MDK 7.0 (I started
> my switch from RH to MDK around the time of MDK 6.x) and the Drake
> Family of tools have become a very real and very reliable set of tools.
>  The most important thing is that they actually modify the real set of
> config files not a psuedo set.  (ala e-smith, or some of the firewall
> distro's) Nor like some of the tools in another distro that try to think
> for me.  They follow the philosophy of C.  Yes you can mess something
> up.  But in doing so, you can also use the tools to undo it as well.
> James

Ok, I'll check it out.  But just a quick question - is there an entry for 
Webmin on any of the popup menus?  I've figured out how to start Webmin, but 
only by going to the Webmin web site.  There doesn't seem to be much 
documentation included in the Mandrake distribution.  I checked under 
Configuration, and some other places, but there's no entry like there is for 
the CUPS www admin tool.

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